How do I ensure Supplement I am taking is Beneficial i.e. Safe & Effective?

In medical world the safety and efficacy of a product is established through clinical studies.

While use of many vitamins and minerals is very well established, there are some supplement ingredients – particularly herbals, which undergo research studies, and clinical data of studies is provided by such ingredient manufacturers. When a clinically-tested ingredient is used stand alone in the prescribed dosage, one can presumably believe it to be safe and effective. Generally dietary supplements are marketed as combination of different ingredients, and in such a scenario it is desirable that the entire formula as presented on the label is actually put to test during the clinical study for its safety and efficacy.

SanAshwa® is clinically studied.

To derive beneficial effects from a supplement product, it is important to understand and know which supplements you need. It is equally important to know what are different conditions when a supplement cannot be taken. Look for precautions and contra-indications on the label.

Do not self diagnose any health condition. Work with your health care provider to determine how best to achieve optimal health and always check with your health care provider before taking a supplement, especially when combining or substituting them with other foods or medicine.