About Us

SanAshwa® is a unique and powerful anti-stress herbal supplement featuring AGW-20™ (A balanced blend of Ashwagandha high-potency root extract and full-spectrum root powder), High strength Holy Basil Extract – the ancient, adaptogenic1 herbs that helps reduce the effects of stress on the body. SanAshwa’s formula also includes Zinc mono-L-methionine - fast absorbing essential element, and Black Pepper Extract—the thermogenic bioavailability factor. This powerful formula has been proven through clinical study to help you manage stress, improve your focus, and feel better.*

SanAshwa® contents are tested and certified by NSF2.


Better and Efficient Form of Ashwagandha

The cornerstone of the SanAshwa® formula is use of AGW-20™ - a distinctly different, well-researched and clinically-proven proprietary blend of ashwagandha root extract and root powder. In contrast, other ashwagandha supplements may contain either only the root powder or an extract of root and/or leaf.

Ashwagandha root is the plant part used to combat stress, and most of the stress-related research have tested either the root or its extracts. AGW-20™ combines power of both high-potency root extract and full-spectrum root powder to derive best possible benefits of ashwagandha for management of stress and anxiety. AGW-20™ is scientifically evaluated form of ashwagandha wherein the high-potency extract enhance and concentrate potency of specific biologically active constituents of ashwagandha, such as withanolides, while more than 40 identified compounds from root offer the full spectrum of benefits of ashwagandha.

With the use of AGW-20™ form of ashwagandha in SanAshwa® formula, the root powder provides the natural range of compounds that produce a gentle effect in modulating stress hormones, the immune system and the nervous system. Since herbal effects take time to kick in, the potent extract speeds up the action, just enough to be efficient and satisfy need for stress resistance, without acting as a stimulant.

Clinically-Proven Formula

While other marketed anti-stress supplements may use either ashwagandha / other single herbs alone or sometimes a combination of other herbs and vitamins, SanAshwa® is one of its kind supplement that combines both time-tested herbs (ashwagandha, holy basil and black pepper) and mineral (zinc) that have proven to be effective for the management of stress and anxiety.

Many of the marketed stress and anxiety supplements do not offer identical dosage and concentration of the herb in their formula compared to referenced literature for the use of such herbs. SanAshwa® is the only available product that offers exact research based formula with dosage and concentration of its active constituents as tested and clinically proven during the study.

Other marketed supplement formulas depend on published literature of one of the ingredients as reference for the effectiveness of their product without actually testing the entire formula for its efficacy and safety. SanAshwa® offers the unique benefit of well-researched, tested and proven formula. A prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of healthy adults found statistically significant benefit of the SanAshwa® formula for stress reduction, a sense of general well-being, and improved focus, without reported adverse side effects.*

1. Adaptogenic: a nontoxic substance and especially a plant extract that is held to increase the body's ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and promote or restore normal physiological functioning.

– Merriam-Webster Dictionary

nsf-logo2. NSF certification ensures that dietary supplements do not contain unacceptable levels of contaminants. NSF developed the only American National Standard for dietary supplements (NSF/ANSI 173) with participation from a balanced stakeholder group including the U.S. Food and Drug administration (FDA), National Institutes of Health (NIH), other federal agencies, state regulatory agencies, manufacturers, retailers, industry trade associations and consumer groups. NSF has worked for over a decade with sports organizations, anti-doping agencies and supplement manufacturers to evaluate and test these products and to help ensure their quality and safety.

Wild-Crafted Herbs

The formulators of SanAshwa®, Bob and Raman Sandhu, are pharmacists and scholars of Pharmacognosy who combine their knowledge of ancient herbs with modern science to offer clean, pure and responsible SanAshwa®.

Bob and Raman are committed to people and the planet. Through their ingredients and manufacturing process, they ensure the wellness of farmers cultivating herbs, protect ancient organic farming practices, and help humans live in harmony with nature.

The ashwagandha and other herbs in the SanAshwa® formula are cultivated on many small, traditional farms in India.  Each one of these farms averages between 2 and 5 acres, and are owned and operated by the farmer. Altogether about 20,000 independent and small farmers produce the herbs in the formula, using traditional methods without  chemical fertilizers, insecticides, or pesticides. Each plant is cultivated in its optimal native climate: dry arid areas for ashwagandha, for example, and hilly areas with ample rainfall for black pepper.

SanAshwa® is brought to you after more than 4 years of significant scientific research and product development that includes:

  • A comprehensive screening of published literature on various herbs and minerals, their mechanism of actions, and applications for the management of everyday stress. SanAshwa® uses ingredients with a proven record of effectiveness.
  • The determination and development of the perfect blend of ingredients and their percentage of active markers to derive synergistic and complimentary response. SanAshwa® is a unique formula with highest percentage of active components.
  • Scientific testing to ensure safety and efficacy - all the raw materials and the finished product are tested both in-house and by well-known testing laboratories to qualify the stringent specifications. 
  • Clinically tested to ascertain and assure its usefulness and safety— A prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled human clinical study using SanAshwa® suggested statistically significant results for management of stress, general well-being and improved focus in healthy adults without significant reported side effects.*
  • SanAshwa® is NSF certified.
  • SanAshwa® is a Vegan product. 
  • SanAshwa® is FREE from GMO’s and the seven most common allergens including wheat, dairy, nuts, eggs and soy. 
  • SanAshwa® is packaged using toxin-free, environmentally-friendly packaging.