How do I ensure Quality & Purity of a Supplement?

A supplement may be considered having met expected quality & purity when it contains what it claimed on the label.

There are Third-Party Certification companies that provide testing & verification services. They screen whether the supplement ingredients listed on the label are present in the concentrations claimed. The testing process often involves looking at the purity, strength, and bioavailability of the product.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) adopted by the supplement manufacturer, which help to provide systems that track proper design, monitoring, and control of the manufacturing process and facilities, are also evaluated to meet the prescribed standards. Additionally, they employ continuous random testing in order for a given supplement to remain certified.

There are such two major companies –
NSF International, and

U.S.Pharmacopeia – that provide these certifications and print their seal on the products they have screened.


SanAshwa® is NSF Certified